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Rose Beauty Honey Moisturizing Cream


  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Item Type: Cream
  • Gender: Female
  • Use: Face
  • Brand Name: eelhoe
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Makeup: Tighten the skin Lifting neck care
  • Repair skin dry: Safety Security Care
  • Maquillage: makes skin elastic
  • Femake whiting cream: remove wrinkles fine lines
  • Lock water: Moisturizing Brighten Cream
  • Body Whitening Cream: firm facial skin


Brand: Han Po Li

Name: face cream

Texture: Cream

Gross weight: 75g

Size: 3*3*6cm

Shelf life: 3 years

Applicable: General

Efficacy: moisturizing, moisturizing, soft skin


1. Rose Coagulation: Strict selection layer by layer, moisturizing and beautiful, just like skin plastic wrap.

2. fade fine lines: can effectively fade wrinkles, lines, etc., firming lift, smooth skin.

3. Fine and smooth texture: cultivate smooth and beautiful muscles like porcelain, melt when touching skin, and the texture is moist but not greasy.

4. Repair firming: repair skin barrier, improve skin roughness, increase skin elasticity, brighten skin color.

5. Compact design: does not take up space, easy to carry, suitable for all kinds of skin.


Method of use:

1. Appropriate amount of smear: take out the appropriate amount of this product, evenly smear on the facial skin

2. Massage absorption: gently massage with fingers to absorb completely

Package Included:

1 * face cream



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